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The A-Squad is the morning show on Legends Rock K-96-5 that airs each weekday (and select holidays) between 6 and 9 a.m. It was first contemplated back in 2006, and officially aired for the first time on October 13, 2006.

Why that date? It could’ve actually started airing earlier that year, but one of the co-hosts had to ride out a non-compete from a formally great radio station he once worked at.  After Kerry Rodd could “officially” go on air, he joined long-time WKLK announcer Jake Kachinske (who couldn’t cut it as a solo morning show host) to form what is known today as the A-Squad. It took Kerry a couple of months to finally get the name right, but it stuck and he only screws it up once a month these days. 

Why that name? It’s the first one they could come up with and we didn’t want to overexert our brain cells. Plus, every other clichéd morning show name had already been taken.

The two get here bright and early each morning (five minutes before air-time) and feverishly prepare a locally-targeted morning drive-time show packed with music, news, sports, weather and Kerry’s long, drawn-out stories and Jake’s mishaps in running the control board. Once in a while, they’ll interact with the audience by actually giving away a prize, like during the Great Gobbler Giveaway each Thanksgiving, or maybe you tune in when Jake and Kerry are on the radio station roof during our “Goofs on the Roof” promotion to raise money for the local food shelf...maybe you enjoy one their “mythical” parades during the year or stop by for the “Super Quiz” at 8:20 a.m. or the “Famous Birthday Quiz” at 8:45 when Jake takes on front-desk Amy (and usually loses).

The show’s never been perfect, but then again, who is? They like to be “small town,” but not small time! Their knack for the un-politically correct sometimes leads them to the principal’s office like when they were back in high school, but they get up the next morning, put their pants on like everyone else, and head back to work to deliver another “close to number one” performance.